Traverse the Universe

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I used to have this particular dream. I can’t actually remember what triggered it, but I’m pretty sure I told my class teacher that I wanted to become an astronaut….

If I were to guess so, this particular dream started with a book. Can’t actually remember the name of it. But it wasn’t of fictional sort. More like an informative book on our solar system. Then I found more books by Arthur C. Clark of unhinged AIs, aliens, space voyages etc… and I was pretty amazed by such wonders. After that… well it was like a stack of dominoes falling after one another. May it be books, movies, games, documentary or anything of sorts, I was hooked.

But yesterday I found this thing that brought out this dream stronger than ever again. It was called “EVE Online”, a space based MMORG. And it literally had everything a starstruck dude with penchant for galactic domination would want from. In fact it had him by the throat :3.

I only still have few hours of the game under my belt, even after playing the whole night before. But from character creation to space battles, space exploration, asteroid mining…. It so pretty cool.

Now I just want to go back for it. Once again since I’m a newbie to blogging, dear reader, you have my undying gratitude if you read this particular article. Hypothetically of course.


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